Crazy Drops

Crazy Drops

Crazy Drops is a fast-paced addictive game that combines action and puzzle solving. With 12 increasingly difficult levels.

These drops are highly unstable creatures that can multiply out of control and eventually overcome our world. Luckily, connecting 4 or more drops of the same color will make them evaporate!

The game objective is then to keep your game area clear of drops and create chain reactions while at it.

In the spirit of retro style puzzle games like Candy Crisis, Bejeweled, Tetris and Puyo Puyo.


– 3 game modes, including One Player Game, Network Game and Solitaire Game.
– Play against the machine in One Player Game mode.
– Wi-Fi Multiplayer allows 2 players to connect via the same router on a Local Area Network in Network Game mode.
– 12 challenging levels.
– 4 drop styles.
– Colorful graphics.
– Groove along to 12 original music tracks or Listen to your own music while you play.
– Autosaves the current game if the application is interrupted (phone call)